Standard service of a building project includes:

1) Occupational, Health & Safety (OH&S) industrial supervision at the building site, including:

  • HSAP (Health and Safety Plan) draft consultations
  • Industrial safety documentation
  • Work-stands safety inspection (reports on checks)
  • Photographic documentation of irregularities
  • OH&S trainings for personnel (initial and periodical)
  • Accident reports and participation in accident investigation commissions.

2) Controls on:

  • Work stands arrangement
  • Technical condition of building equipment
  • Validity of OH&S training certificates and medical certificates
  • Employees authorization to performing entrusted tasks
  • Random sobriety checks

3) Representing the contractor before third parties in Occupational, Health & Safety matters (for instance, National Labour Inspectorate or National Sanitary Inspectorate).

  1. Standard services for the company include:
  • Trainings (initial and periodical)
  • Risk assessment
  • Control of work conditions and following the OH&S regulations
  • Support in replies to orders, prohibitions and statements of the national labour inspectorate representatives – follow-up of after-control recommendations
  • Documentation relating to work accidents
  • Safety instructions for work-stands
  • Providing the first aid kits
  • Providing the proper safety and fire protection labeling of facilities

III. Drawing up the complete accident reports

  • Participation in accident investigation commissions
  • Drawing up injury incidents protocols and reports
  • Drawing up the accident data sheets
  • Drawing up minutes of hearing injured persons and witnesses
  • Drawing up the Accident’s Statistic Cards (the Z-KW cards) for Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)